Discover Artà’s heritage through decorative artefacts, ceramics, articles for the home, fabrics, palm crafts, stationery and accessories, designer costume jewellery and other original gifts. In the shop you’ll find highly original, exclusive gifts for your friends, family and colleagues that are not on sale in other shops.

At the entrance, there are exhibits of handmade and unique gifts and decorative items, produced by designers and master craftsmen and –women from Artà. We find the typical Majorcan senalles (baskets), which are made from the leaves of the endemic Majorcan dwarf fan palm (Chamaerops humilis), called Garballó in our Majorcan language. These grow in large numbers in the mountainous regions of our Community and that’s why, from a historical point of view, our region is, above all, known for this special arts and crafts called llatra.

Quite a lot of items are produced with the dried leaves of this palm, like bags, saddle bags, brooms, cradles, hats etc.) which had played an important role in the daily life of rural Majorca. Nowadays there are but few families who know the work of weaving; as in ancient times they collect the leaves of the garballó in our mountains, treat them with sulphur and produce, by hand, the aforementioned items. We wish, in our centre, to contribute to preserve this craftsmanship from disappearance.

You can find also the typical rustic ceramics and the costume jewellery designed by our younger designers and craftsmen and -women, as well as embroidered bags, because in Majorca especially the embroidery has a very long tradition.

Thus, all our visitors can take home a souvenir of our little town contributing at the same time to the survival of our crafts in spite of machines and mass production. Therefore, all our products carry the label ArtArtà that identifies them as manufactured here in our municipality.



A palma master craftsman who works to keep this ancient Majorcan tradition alive. Although palm crafts are traditional in style, consisting of objects that were once used in everyday tasks, Cassellas strives to innovate and create fashionable products. He is one of the last remaining craftsman who is actively dedicated to this profession.


From Artà, she studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and Product Design at Palma’s Design School. Passionate about the world of creation, she brings together the visual arts and design. She combines creation that is free of ties with design as a discipline.


Originally from Felanitx but feels like she belongs in Artà. A dedicated ceramicist who creates pieces ranging from cups to great murals. She has studied ceramics in various locations in Spain.


An embroiderer who specialises in Majorcan embroidery. She learnt the art of embroidery at the age of fifteen and has spent more than twenty years teaching the technique in villages in the region. She teaches Majorcan embroidery on adult courses organised by some town councils and has participated in numerous exhibitions with her pupils. She has been a master craftswoman since 1997.