You are now in the ArtArtà café. This patio was once where the domestic animals were kept. It then became the family’s summer dining room and the patio where we would play as children. The patio of the house has been converted into a terrace with a small cafeteria where we serve some of our typical products.

Enjoy our organic desserts like our homemade almond tart (a traditional Majorcan dish) and the chocolate tart made with spelt flour and eggs from free range hens. Our bread with Majorcan virgin olive oil is delicious, as are the traditional Majorcan cheeses and our almonds from Artà. At the back, we see the “peix Nicolau”, from a rondaia, which tells the sad story of a boy, half man - half fish who drowned in Saluet between Artà and Santa Margarita.

If you want, you can read a story in once of our rocking chairs or enjoy the silence of this patio and good music.